Tennis: the kybun shoe helps more than you think

kybun as a proacitve measure

kybun shoes strengthen the stabilising muscles in the joints, especially in the ankles and knees. The elastic springy kybun sole promotes balance and coordination. This in turn minimises your risk of stumbling on your feet since it helps you keep your ankles much more stable. This even helps during tennis matches when you are not wearing the kybun shoes.

The more a tennis player wears the kybun shoe, the greater the training effect and the benefits which can be seen later in everyday life.

kybun shoes for older tennis players and/or players recovering from an injury
Older tennis players who experience pain when playing or who have even given up tennis because of pain can comfortably play a leisurely game of tennis in the kybun shoe and experience significantly less pain.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at Hansruedi Widmer’s story (video on the right).

After an injury, it is particularly important that the duration for which the kybun shoe is worn is increased slowly. People who have spent more time training their muscles with kybun shoes can wear them for longer periods at a time and perform more difficult exercises in them (e.g., for coordination or physiotherapy).

kybun shoes for muscle recovery
Wearing kybun shoes after a match is a good way for tennis players to allow their muscles some active recovery time. The jolts to the joints are absorbed, and the fatigued musculature can relax. The feet, having been stabilised and stressed in the tennis shoes, can once again move freely and regenerate in the kybun shoe.

kybun shoes for tennis instructors
kybun shoes are excellent for low-impact sports. They relax the back, strengthen the knee joints and help you to recover gradually. They allow tennis instructors to stay healthy and fit over the long term.



Alex Tachie-Mensah, Ex Professional Footballer, Andwil TG, Switzerland

Alex Tachie-Mensah, Ex Professional Footballer, Andwil TG, Switzerland

I owe so much to the kybun shoe for making the pain from my serious injury a distant memory. Since I started wearing the shoe, my limp has practically disappeared.