Special collaboration between kybun and NASA


Swiss shoe manufacturer kybun has announced its ambitious new collaboration with NASA for the next space mission, Artemis. The plan in short to customize a springy elastic kybun shoe with high trampoline properties to help astronauts with their preparation and ongoing training.


Research and development at kybun have always been at the forefront of world technology, and kybun's Remo Hungerbühler is clearly over the moon as he talks about the latest kybun shoe with its high-tech sole production: the kybun moonwalk.


"This is a big deal for us to be helping the astronauts of NASA and ESA to manage their walk on the moon with greater ease. The kybun shoe's uniquely resilient springy sole is the closest thing to simulating astronauts' first steps on the moon and will help them acclimatize not just before their mission but also during and after their return to Earth."


With the kybun moonwalk shoe, the Swiss footwear manufacturer is boldly entering a long-term engagement with NASA. The new shoe coincides with kybun's 15th anniversary and the silver model has been designed and produced exclusively at kybun's production site in Sennwald, Switzerland. It will initially be offered as a limited edition in small quantities over the coming months.

Future plans will provide all test centres of the international space agency with special kybun mats so that they can simulate the feeling of weightlessness on a daily basis. Neil Armstrong's famous words «It's one small step...» resonate when people talk about the wow effect of taking your first steps in a kybun shoe and this is, without doubt, a significant step for kybun in its mission to enable everyone to walk pain-free.

NASA has reciprocated its enthusiasm for kybun's new innovation and is very excited about the new partnership. NASA's Artemis mission will see the first female astronaut land on Earth's natural satellite in 2024, more than 50 years after Apollo 17 last landed on the moon.


NASA is enthusiastic about the new kybun innovation and looks forward with confidence to future galactic ventures.

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