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We would like to introduce you to Mr Jürgen Zeller. Mr Zeller has had both of his legs amputated. When he first tried on a pair of kybun shoes, he knew right away that he wanted to share this feeling with other people in a similar condition. Since then, he has been passionate about ensuring that other people with prosthetic feet don’t suffer from wearing poor footwear. He wanted to draw attention to how important it is for people with only one foot – or no feet at all – to improve their gait with the perfect shoe in order to enjoy a better quality of life, just as it is for those without prostheses.

Mr Zeller completed the basic medical training course at kybun AG in 2015. Since mid-2015, he has been working as a freelance medical consultant and expert for amputees and people who wear prostheses in southern Germany.


Are the kybun shoes suitable for people with artificial legs?

Yes absolutely!

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The elastic springy sole absorbs impact on all surfaces and enables the prosthetic foot to gently use the rollover motion

This saves a lot of energy and relieves stress on the residual limb. As a result, the hips and back are also relieved, which often leads to increased quality of life.

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