The elastic springy seat cushion

When you sit, make it elastic and springy

The elastic springy buffer zone of the kybun Joya seat cushion activates the sitting posture. The rebound effect causes an alternating tightening and relaxation of the gluteal muscles. The kybun Joya seat cushion is the perfect complement to dynamic standing on the kybun mat and wherever standing is not an option. More health for the whole body and increased concentration are assured.

  • Exercises your muscles, coordination and proprioception
  • Improves posture
  • Strengthens the whole musculoskeletal system
  • Eliminates stiffness after prolonged sitting

A healthier and active sitting posture

We recommend the use of the kybun Joya seat cushion for work that you do while sitting, as well as for eating or watching TV. Thanks to the elastic-springing properties of the seat cushion, both sides of the pelvis can remain flexed and active in a balanced position. This type of self-therapy, which requires no extra exercise or time, can prevent back, hip or knee surgery.

  • Releases adhesions of the back fasciae
  • Trains the pelvic floor muscles
  • Relaxes pelvic muscle blocks

Tested and recommended by the forum

Gesunder Rücken – besser leben e. V. (German Association forum Healthy Back – for a better life) and the German Association of Back Rehabilitation (BdR) e. V. (German Association of Back Training Facilities). Further information available at: AGR e. V., Stader Strasse 6, 27432 Bremervörde, Web.

For everyday activities and your future

Today we know that excessive and prolonged sitting is not only responsible for many back, hip and knee complaints, but especially for stiffness and walking impairments in later life. Freedom from pain in the musculoskeletal system requires mobility in the pelvis. Sitting regularly and for too long causes the fasciae in the pelvic area to stick together and limits the agility of the pelvic mechanics. This often leads to a stooped posture, overloading of the back, hips and causes hard impacts on the knees.
This development can now be counteracted thanks to the new kybun Joya seat cushion.

Please note:
When using the kybun Joya seat cushion, make sure that the seat and table height are correct.