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Franz Heinzer trained with kybun shoes

Downhill world champion and Swiss ski team coach Franz Heinzer trained throughout the year every day with the kybun shoe his deep muscles. [more]

Prosthesis wearer benefits from kybun shoe

Roland Diewald has suffered from diabetes and circulatory disturbances for 40 years. As a result, his toes, forefoot and lower legs have had to be amputated, bit by bit. [more]

The perfect shoe for prosthetic legs

On 11 September 1983, Jürgen Zeller, a former competitive athlete, lost both of his legs in a serious motorcycle accident. They were torn clean off. [more]

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kybun and Joya to Merge

Your benefit: A merger between two of the world market leaders in health footwear will enable us to offer you more comprehensive solutions in the future. [more]

kybun World – a premier destination in eastern Switzerland

Take a tour of kybun World, a ‘health experience centre’ where you can pass through a variety of informative and hands-on stations that cover healthy walking and standing. [more]

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